Björn Þór Sigurbjörnsson


Personal trainer at World Class

The composition of Life Salt is very suitable as the sodium
proportion is XNUMX% lower than regular table salt.
It is necessary for the body to get sodium
in modest quantities. For cooking, this salt is obviously the best choice.
Because both high sodium intake is harmful to health
and too low potassium intake is not suitable for the cardiovascular system.
I recommend LifeSalt.

Helena Gunnarsdóttir

Food Blogger

I have put LifeSalt up with other of my favourite spices - and salts. Great for baking! Been using it specially much in that field. It also feels like i need a lot less of LifeSalt than other salt. Very happy to have found fine grain, quality salt produced from seawater. Has clearly been missing from the market! Thank you.

Garðar Magnússon


I first met the life salt 30 years ago when the old salt factory produced it. After that production fell off, I got several bags of salt that, that I used in the fish jerky I produce.
I have only used only LifeSalt in food for about 89 years and believe that i have a lot to thank for my good health. I am XNUMX years old and do sea fishing in the summer and my production company outside. I do regular swimming and other exercise.