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With this privacy policy, we want to demonstrate the correctness of personal information and its collection. Arctic Sea Minerals ehf undertakes to comply with privacy laws and our privacy policy describes procedures in all matters concerning privacy, including through the systems we use, our website, social media and e-mails.

Arctic Sea Minerals ehf will only process your personal information for legitimate purposes and / or with the informed consent. If you have any questions or have any doubts about your personal information, please email us at

Privacy Policy Arctic Sea Minerals ehf. was presented on 20.11.19

1. What is personal information

There is information, personally identifiable or personally identifiable information that could be traced directly or indirectly to a particular individual. Such information must be accurate enough to see which person they belong to. This may include, for example, the names, social security numbers and addresses of a particular person.

2. What information is collected

2.1 General

In order to provide services and sales, we need to receive various personal information, such as whether you are an individual in business or on behalf of a legal entity, ie. business in business. The information we may receive is name, ID number, address, telephone number, email address.

this information is received at our office and points of sale or through the online store's sales system as well as the registration of a mailing list on a website. We use this information only to provide you with the services you have requested as well as to be able to issue legal invoices with all the information that needs to be provided for the purchase of goods and the delivery of goods. Employees of Arctic Sea Minerals ehf. not everyone has access to this data, only the webmaster and administrator of the online store has access to your data in its database.

2.2 Website

Our website is open to everyone and uses "Cookies". When you visit our websites, we record information about the connection, ie. IP address, browser type, device type and which pages and products you are viewing. We use this information for statistical purposes only to improve the quality of websites and services.

  • My Access: If you use “My Access” on the Website, you use your name and email address.
  • Mailing list: If you have signed up for a mailing list, the company works with information on name and email address.
  • Online Business: If you shop on, the company works with name, address, social security number, telephone number and email address.
  • Payments through the Arctic Sea Minerals ehf online store: All payments for products go through payment sites. Arctic Sea Minerals ehf. also does not keep track of your credit card information.

3. Handling of information

Your information stored in our accounting system is stored for seven years from the end of the relevant financial year, which is in accordance with the Accounting Act and the storage of accounting data. We will not transfer or transfer this data to third parties except in the following cases:

Arctic Sea Minerals ehf may provide data to third parties such as:

  • collection agent: The parties that handle more detailed collection matters for Arctic Sea Minerals ehf.
  • Information and technology service providers: Those who may provide us with advice and services regarding analysis and refinement on the website of Arctic Sea Minerals ehf as well as for marketing purposes.
  • Online Business: Record Keepers ie Those who receive payments from the Arctic Sea Minerals online store automatically receive information about you (if you are shopping), ie. name, address as well as a breakdown of the products you purchased and the total amount of products.
  • Acquirers: It should be noted that all payments received on the Arctic Sea Minerals website are directed to the payment gateway payment pages. The payment pages are run by those record keepers. The following record keepers that Arctic Sea Minerals trades with are "payment -" and "AUR -", Bank transfers always go through your commercial bank.

3.1 Legal disclaimer regarding the processing of information

  • Your personal information may also be disclosed to third parties to the extent permitted or required by applicable laws or regulations, such as the Internal Revenue Officer or other regulator. The same may apply if delivery is required on the basis of a court order or if disclosure is necessary so that the company can protect its interests in disputes or court cases.

4. Your rights regarding personal information?

If you have access to the business area on our website that requires login and is under “My access on” then you can formally request us to run out a file with information we may have about you and send you her. You may also request that we delete any data about you that may be in our system on the Web site. This does not apply to data we are required to keep under applicable laws and regulations.

Your right is to get all the information we may have about you and to correct the information we have if it is in any way incorrect.

You have the right to ask us to delete all data about you. Note that this does not apply to data that laws and regulations require that we keep.

You have the right to have unreliable personal information about you corrected. Considering the purpose of the processing of personal data, you also have the right to complete incomplete personal information about you by providing additional and more detailed information for registration.

Please note that in order for this right mentioned above not to be abused by unscrupulous parties, Arctic Sea Minerals ehf. reserves the right to prove your identity before we meet your request. We respond to all requests as soon as possible.

5. Legal Disclaimer

Arctic Sea Minerals ehf's privacy policy is prepared in accordance with Icelandic law. Any dispute which cannot be resolved shall be brought before the Reykjavík District Court. In the event of legal action between customers and Arctic Sea Minerals ehf regarding the interpretation of the terms, their value and compliance, it shall be brought before the Reykjavík District Court.

We encourage people to familiarize themselves with these issues and suggest Privacy at Phone: 510 9600 or by email at as well as on their website where you can get detailed information.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

Arctic Sea Minerals ehf. reserves the right to make changes and updates to this Privacy Policy at any time. Regulations are always under development and updating and we do our best to keep this information correct in accordance with all laws and regulations relating to Privacy.